Low Profile Self-ligating CNC milled bracket

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EXPERIENCE mini metal Rhodium



EXPERIENCE mini metal self-ligating brackets are a new option for aesthetics and performance in metal self-ligation. The smaller version of the EXPERIENCE metal achieves patient satisfaction and the high standards orthodontists demand.

  • Lower profile - Reduced size
  • Easy to open, strong reliable clip
  • Full three dimensional control

CNC Milling

After metal (MIM) or ceramic (CIM) injection into the mold an additional step is conducted with each of our self-ligating brackets. This step involves milling each slot to guarantee its precision. The process, called CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled), is the best way to ensure an exact slot size of .018” and/or.022”.  For consistent milling the milling blade is changed after every 1000 brackets.  Our brackets perfectly express the programmed torque and angulation for predictable results.


The micro-sandblasted mesh base ensures superior retention.

Low profile

Torque in base 

Active clip

Distal-gingival color ID

Clip-opening system on the buccal face

Spring-clip with two contact points; fully covering the slot


Laser Marking

EXPERIENCE mini metal brackets feature laser identification marks on the back of the bracket to help identify the placement, specific tooth and prescription for each bracket. The markings ensure correct bracket placement and facilitate storage.

: Roth Extra Angulation

B : Roth Extra Torque
C : Extra Torque
: Andrews
E : MBT Type
G : HT / -0017

How to open EXPERIENCE mini metal?


Place the rounded blade tip of opening tool onto the top surface of the clip parallel to archwire slot, until it is over a small projection on the clip and clicks into the center of the clip. 

Once the blade is properly positioned, pull the blade tip toward the occlusal direction to open.

Color code 


The distal-gingival color code allows an identification of the bracket to prevent bonding errors. For some prescriptions, these color codes may be different on the bicuspids.


EXPERIENCE mini metal Prescriptions

EXPERIENCE Mini Metal is available in Roth Type and MBT Type*.
* MBT is a trademark of 3M Unitek

EXPERIENCE mini metal Rhodium 

A full rhodium bracket is a first in the Orthodontic industry. The combination of EXPERIENCE mini metal aesthetic brackets with INITIALLOY or BIO-ACTIVE aesthetic archwires is an excellent example of this new technology. The reliability of a metal treated with a whiten surface provides a perfect compromise between discretion, efficiency and patient comfort.

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