Bonding Lingual Retainers, Stops and Aligner Attachments

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GC Ortho Connect Flow

Light Cure Orthodontic Adhesive for Lingual Retainers, Stops and Aligner Attachments


Easy to Handle


Like GC Ortho Connect, GC Ortho Connect Flow’s primer is integrated into the paste, allowing to save valuable time in the bonding process. GC Ortho ConnectTM Flow makes it especially easy to bond lingual retainer wires. 
Clean and dryEtchPosition retainer Apply Ortho
Connect Flow
Light Cure



Improved Flexibility and Resistance


Thanks to a new long chain monomer, the adhesives flexibility is enhanced. 
Improved Flexibility:  Increased shock resistance and resin strength
High Toughness: The resin is hard to break



Strong adhesion to retainer wires or archwires 


Ortho Connect Flow is auto-adherent and bonds extremely well to both enamel and metal. Thanks to its phosphate monomer, similar to a metal primer, Ortho Connect Flow ensures a strong bond on wires.



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