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What is GET?
From Theorie to Practice
What are our ideal aesthetic, functional and occlusal treatment goals?
What evidence is available to support our decisions?
What are the best realistic treatment options, taking into consideration the limits of everyday’s practice and in accordance with sound biomechanical principles?


Which are the most common problem in achieving a good intercuspidation?


These are:

- arch length discrepancy

- torque control of the upper incisors

- posterior precontacts


In arch length discrepancy, the lower arch is often too long respect to the upper arch. Just think to how often you need to perform IPR in the lower arch, whereas it is nearly never necessary in the upper arch.

We have addressed this by modulating the value of tip of several teeth in order to increase the arch length in the upper jaw and to decrease it in the lower jaw.

We have also improved torque control in the upper arch by reducing the slot of upper and lower incisors brackets to 20x28 from 22x28, according to the ideas of Prof. LeGall.

In this way, the play between the slot and a 19x25 wire is reduced to 1/3 respect to a 22x28 slot, achieving in this way a much more effective torque control.

Finally, we have modified the values of torque and offset of tubes of upper first and second molars, in order to reduce the amount of posterior interference.

We have also coupled these improvements with the use of a 20x20 BioActive wire from the beginning, inspired by Prof Jordan and Dr Demange.  This allows early control of torque with a reduction of the loss of control. Think for example to leveling of a lingually displaced lateral incisor. 


More information at: https://www.get-the-concept.com/




EXPERIENCE mini metal 

ToothTorque (°)Angulation (°)Rotation (°)RL
U 1125021-5110-050021-5210-0500
U 289021-5120-050021-5220-0500
U 3/Hk .022" x .028"011021-213D-050021-523D-0500
U 4/5 .022" x .028"-1042d21-2140-050021-2240-0500
U 4/5/Hk .022" x .028"-1042d21-214M-050021-224M-0500


MandibularTorque (°)Angulation (°)Rotation (°)RL
L 1/2-12021-5410-050021-5310-0500
L 3/Hk .022" x .028"-33021-243D-050021-233D-0500
L 4 .022" x .028"-1714d21-2440-050021-2340-0500
L 4/Hk .022" x .028"-1714d21-244D-050021-234D-0500
L 5 .022" x .028"-2214d21-2450-050021-2350-0500
L 5/Hk .022" x .028"-2214d21-245D-050021-235D-0500




EXPERIENCE mini metal Kits

PrescriptionUpperLowerHook on.022"



EXPERIENCE mini metal Rhodium 

ToothTorque (°)Angulation (°)Rotation (°)RL
U 1125024-5110-050024-5210-0500
U 289024-5120-050024-5220-0500
U 3/Hk .022" x .028"011024-213D-050024-523D-0500
U 4/5 .022" x .028"-1042d24-2140-050024-2240-0500
U 4/5/Hk .022" x .028"-1042d24-214M-050024-224M-0500


MandibularTorque (°)Angulation (°)Rotation (°)RL
L 1/2-12024-5410-050024-5310-0500
L 3/Hk .022" x .028"-33024-243D-050024-233D-0500
L 4 .022" x .028"-1714d24-2440-050024-2340-0500
L 4/Hk .022" x .028"-1714d24-244D-050024-234D-0500
L 5 .022" x .028"-2214d24-2450-050024-2350-0500
L 5/Hk .022" x .028"-2214d24-245D-050024-235D-0500




EXPERIENCE mini metal Rhodium Kits

PrescriptionUpperLowerHook on.022"



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