NiTi Archwires with Progressive Force

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BIO-ACTIVE is a shape memory archwire exerting progressive force from the midline to the posterior sectors. Its forces are consistent with those found to be biologically necessary to move each individual tooth along the arch:

  • Arches .016"x.016" and .016"x.022" from 80g on incisors up to 240g on molars
  • Arches .018"x.018" to .021"x.028 from 80g on incisors up to 300g on molars

In order to best use shape memory, cool the archwire before its insertion.

Some archwires are available with a central V-Bend (or «dimple»). In that case, a letter D appears in the P/N. (please refer to the GC Orthodontics Products Catalog)



Available Archforms

Medium Size

Large  Size

Ovoïde  Form

Universal  Form




Our aesthetic archwires are rhodium treated (like our rhodium treated brackets) with exceptional properties that create an even more aesthetically pleasing appliance.

Available Archforms

Medium Size

Large Size

Ovoïde Form

Universal Form


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