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TOMY Archwire Line


The true engine behind the appliance, orthodontic archwires have to meet both therapeutic requirements and patient comfort standards. For 30 years, Tomy® Inc has been recognized as the most demanding NiTi manufacturer in regards to the biological response of its alloys. From the superelasticity of INITIALLOY archwires to the shape memory of BioEdge and BioActive®,  we offer archwires exerting light and continuous forces, well adapted to every phase of treatment.


These symbols represent archwire selection



Round Archwire


Square Archwire


Rectangular Archwire


Different archforms


Four archforms are available in our wire range. Forms A and B come from Dr.  Roth’s chart (USA), whereas forms C and D are more ogival. Form D is universal. This archform is specially adapted to self-ligating systems and allows the archwire to fully express its shape.


Medium Size


Large Size


Ovoïde (Brader) Form


Universal Form


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