Latest Addition to the Rhodium Product Family

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EXPERIENCE metal rhodium




The advantages of TOMY’s self-ligating metal brackets are known throughout the industry.  Manufactured since 2000 and distributed by different channels across the globe, EXPERIENCE metal has found its place with orthodontists looking for high quality manufacturing and the latest technology in a bracket that meets their performance expectations.  Today, EXPERIENCE metal joins the ever-growing product line of aesthetically treated brackets.  The bracket is treated with rhodium that in no way alters its characteristics. Available in Roth Type .018’’, .022’’ and MBT Type .018’’, .022’’



CNC Milling Bracket


After metal (MIM) or ceramic (CIM) injection into the mold an additional step is conducted with each of our self-ligating brackets. This step involves milling each slot to guarantee its precision. The process, called CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled), is the best way to ensure an exact slot size of .018” and/or.022”.  For consistent milling the milling blade is changed after every 1000 brackets.  Our brackets perfectly express the programmed torque and angulation for predictable results.


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