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MI Paste

A winning combination for a smile that lasts a lifetime


Just as your body needs to be conditioned to stay and look healthy, your teeth need conditioning too. Over time, teeth can lose nutrients and strength as a result of whitening procedures, highly acidic food or drinks and the natural aging process. It’s important to protect and revitalise teeth to keep them looking terrific for a lifetime. GC presents two breakthrough dental treatment products to do just that

GC has taken this sensational idea and made it even better. 

With MI Paste Plus.

MI Paste Plus has all the benefits and great taste of Tooth Mousse. What’s more, it optimises both fluoride delivery to enamel and fluoride intake.
And thanks to a unique, patented form of fluoride, MI Paste Plus combines remineralisation and fluoridation.
MI Paste Plus contains 900 parts per million (ppm) fluoride ions. While those ions are well known for remineralising, 
MI Paste Plus with CPP-ACP(F) is the only product that delivers the ideal calcium, phosphate and fluoride ratio of 5:3:1. MI Paste Plus with ACP(F) releases all three of the ions needed to form acid-resistant fluorapatite by BOTH remineralisation and fluoridation. 


Combining remineralisation and fluoridation. 

The benefits of MI Paste Plus at a glance:

• Buffers the pH changes in plaque 
• Impairs the adhesion and growth of Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sobrinus to the tooth surface
• Remineralises enamel lesions (remineralisation) 2, 7 and makes remineralised enamel more resistant to acid attacks
• Optimises the way fluoride is transported to enamel and the fluoride intake by enamel

How to apply MI Paste Plus

Tooth Mousse and MI Paste Plus are applied topically to at-risk surfaces. First clean the teeth. Then smear a small amount of product across tooth surfaces with a clean finger or cotton-tipped applicator and let it work for three to five minutes. Do not rinse off. For at-home use: when your patients apply Tooth Mousse and MI Paste Plus immediately before going to bed, they should leave it on their teeth to slowly dissolve overnight.
Both Tooth Mousse and MI Paste Plus are based on milk proteins. The biological formula is pure, so it is well tolerated. The only restrictions are patients with milk protein or hydroxybenzoates allergies, so advise these patients not to use either product. 
In young children (below the age of six), the use of MI Paste Plus is contraindicated as its concentration is above 500 ppm of fluoride.



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